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Monologue: The Podcast Theater for Emotions, Thoughts and Culture

Apr 24, 2018

The theme for today’s episode is: memory. Where would you be without your memories? Who would you be without your memories? It is often overlooked just how precious our memories can be. They make us functional. The errors in them make us human. There are memories that make us laugh. Others, not so much. But all together, the make us who we are. The following monologues explore the importance of memories. Let’s get started!

A big shout out to the talented actors performing the monologues for this episode:

  1. Act 1: “Jodi’s Memory Inc.”, was performed by the incomparable Justin Fraction. You can find more of Justin’s work on his website:
  2. Act 2: “Remember Me, Question Mark” was performed by the talented Aaron Hill
  3. Finally, Act 3: “The Upside of HSAM” was performed by the skilled Jennifer Watson. To find more of her work, just go to:

This podcast is written and produced by Daniel Tinoco.

Also, we want to remind you that Monologue is a creative platform - so we encourage you to get involved. If you have a monologue you would like to submit, an idea for an episode, some feedback, questions, or just want to say ‘hi’ - feel free to drop us a line through our website's ( contact form!

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Thanks again for listening! See you in two weeks. Until then, STAY CREATIVE!!